My Pageant Journey

It was 24 years ago when I entered my very first pageant - the Miss American Coed Pageant. Out of 75 girls, I somehow managed to place in the top 15. I remember how fancy and polished all the girls were.... and here I was - "Miss Plain Jane" and managed to do OK. The next eight attempts are as follows: 1990 Eastern Washington University Homecoming Queen Pageant (didn't place), 1991 E.W.U. Homecoming Queen Pageant (3rd Runner-up), 1992 Miss Spokane America (2nd Runner-up), 2000 Mrs. Washington International (didn't place), 2007 Mrs. Washington America (1st Runner-up), 2008 Mrs. WA America (3rd Runner-up), 2009 Mrs. WA America (2nd Runner-up) and finally 2010 Mrs. WA America - Won the Title! It only took me 24 years and 9 attempts to win a title to include four consecutive attempts for the Mrs. Washington America Title - my dream as written in my prayer journal since 1993 - I knew in my heart that God would one day answer my prayer! So never give up on your dreams!