Kenny's Eagle Scout Project

Well, here it is! This is Kenny's flyer promoting his Eagle Scout Project which will be a training workshop for teachers, school staff, professionals, school board members, parents etc. on Tourette Syndrome Awareness and I.E.P.s (Individual Education Plans). Kenny is hosting this workshop and will be one of the presenters as well! This training is especially important for general education teachers to be brush up on their knowledge on how to effectively implement I.E.P.s. in the classroom. Please pass on to any teachers you may know! Teachers will receive clock hours for attending this event! This workshop will take place on Saturday, May 11th at Clover Park High School (Lakewood, WA) from 9:00 a.m. - 12 noon. Mark your calendars!

"The Traveling Tic" Blog is Launched!

FINALLY!!! IT'S DONE! Well, I didn't necessarily give up my crown two years ago, but rather I passed it on to my son. Still promoting my platform of "Embracing the Special Needs Child," today I am launching our Blog (Kenny & I) called "The Traveling Tic" documenting our journey as a Mother and Son in the Tourette Syndrome world and Kenny's travels as a TSA Youth Ambassador. I have backdated our journey from when we started our support group 2 years ago with 40 posts. People say I should write a book, I think I just did! LOL! Also, when you have time, I encourage you to read our Tourette Syndrome Story by clicking on the tab attached to the top of the Blog. It explains more in detail our roller coaster of a ride. Hopefully you will be blessed...and hopefully you don't find too many typos! A work in progress this is! Please click on the following link to continue on with me in our journey!:


Hello followers! Thank you for visiting my site! I took some time off to post due to being busy with my boys and their activities to include the exciting opportunities that have been passed down to my older son Kenny who has Tourette Syndrome. We have been very active in the growth of the Support Group we lead for special need families to include diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome, Autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD and other Co-morbid conditions. See above link on our Support Group for more information.

As a result of how our ministry for special need families has evolved, especially for my son Kenny, I have decided to create a Blog for us called the Traveling Tic documenting our journey as Mother and Son in the Tourette Syndrome World. Please stay tuned! I hope to attach the link in about a month updating you on our travels these past 2 years.

2011 SHE Soiree Military Wives Lounge

Well, finally I am posting my last official appearance as Mrs. Washington 2010. What better way than to honor our first line of defense on the homefront - our military wives! God bless these women!
Article from the Fort Lewis Ranger featuring the SHE Soiree Military Wives Lounge I had the privilege of hosting at Life Center in Tacoma, WA. I was so honored to have the opportunity to bless our military wives as I know personally the sacrifices that make everyday being a military wife myself.  

My good friends Kristi and Connie volunteering to act as greeters and hand out Forza Coffee gift cards to our military wives. Thank you to Forza Coffee for being a sponsor a this event!
 Pageant Sisters - so thankful for them volunteering to help!

The Military Wives Lounge - shopping, treats, massage and pampering!

 My dear friend Angie Foster - Director for Touchstone Crystal -
visiting with one of our military wives as she shops.
Healing Kneads Wellness and Massage blessing our military wives with a massage!
Had a great time celebrating our military wives!