Kenny Receiving Recognition as WA/OR TS Youth Amabassador

Friday, April 29 Kenny received recognition at his school assembly for being chosen as the Washington/Oregon Tourette Syndrome Youth Ambassador.

From left: Moureen David, principal of Hudtloff Middle School; David Paul, assistant principal, Todd Henry, Chair/President of the Washington/Oregon Chapter Tourette Syndrome Association, and Kenny Richards, center. Henry presented Richards with a leadership award for his work with the Tourette Syndrome Association.

Cody Earns His Bear Badge!

This last May Cody earned his Bear Badge in Cub Scouts! Scouts has been an amazing confidence builder for Cody and has taught him valuable life skills that are not taught in schools these days. Despite his diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (PDD-NOS) he has accomplished so much thanks to Cub Scouts!

Cody presenting me with the Bear Parent Pin.

Cody - my adorable Bear Cub!

2011 All American Girl Washington State Pageant

In April, I had the honor of being the Emcee for the 2011 All American Girl Washington State Pageant which was held at the Everett Holiday Inn. What made my time here so special was the fact that it was at this very hotel that I competed in my very first pageant (Washington Miss American Coed Pageant) 25 years ago!

2010 All American Girl Washington State Royalty

With Lisa Williams - All American Girl National Director - having a blast with the girls at the notorious "Pink Party"!

With Linda Elledge - 2010 Ms. Ameircan Renaissance Classic!

Nothing a devoted Pageant Dad won't do to be the life of the party!

With our newly crowned 2011 All American Girl Wahsington State Royalty!