Day Three - National Tourette Syndrome Association Youth Ambassador Trip to Capital Hill

All 42 Youth Ambassadors from around the country getting ready to make their Trip to the Hill to advocate and educate their Legislative Officials on Tourette Syndrome.
Kenny visiting with fellow Youth Ambassador Evan before boarding the bus for our Trip to the Hill. What a nice guy!

Kenny and I before the Luncheon Briefing at the Senate Dirksen Office Building
Kenny with Elridge Proctor who is the mastermind behind organizing the Youth Ambassador Trip to the Hill. She is amazing!
Kenny meeting with Senator Patty Murray's Legislative Aides
Stephanie and Annie were so receptive and genuine in listening to Kenny's concerns regarding getting appropriated help in schools for children diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome.
Kenny with our Representative - Congressman Adam Smith. We had a quick but productive meeting with Adam right before he had to race out of his office to vote.
Kenny is with Adam Smith's Executive Assistant Rebecca Bryant. This women is fabulous - she took such good care of us. She is so on top of things. We received feedback from her ASAP after sending an email requesting to meet with Adam Smith. She is so efficient and friendly.
Kenny sharing his Tourette story with Adam Smith's Policy Aide Joshua Crosson. Come to find out he is from Lakewood and lived not too far away from us before moving to D.C. What a great guy! We really enjoyed our visit with him.
Kenny even got to sit in Adam Smith's office chair!
Above I am with our Senator Maria Cantwell's Legislative Aid explaining the importance of support for the CDC (Center for Disease Control) - as it is the only government agency which even gives recognition to Tourette Syndrome. Kenny took this picture. I took one of Kenny talking with Janelle as well, but see I somehow didn't get it posted in sequence here.
Kenny with Janelle in front of Senator Maria Cantwell's Office. He did a great job informing Janelle how schools, doctors and the community need to be better informed on how to meet the needs of a child diagnosed with Tourettes.
Kenny standing at attention with a full salute in front of the United States Capital Building indicating "Mission Accomplished"! I am so proud of my boy - he did an amazing job!
Well, the cat was let out of the bag and on the last day word got around that I am the actual "Mrs. Washington 2010!" As you can see I am surrounded by new fans holding my signature Mrs. Washington cards. They told me I pulled a "Miley Cirus" on them. So as a celebrity, I did my duty and signed each one of their cards praying for God's Blessings upon them. Really these kids are the celebrities - as they are rocking the world by sharing their own Tourette Syndrome story and making a difference. My life was so blessed by these children!

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