Visiting Idlewild Elementary

As stated in my previous post, March is "Music in Our Schools Month" - so on Friday, March 4 I had the pleasure of visiting Idlewild Elementary to promote Music Education as well as my platform "Embracing the Special Needs Child". Here I am speaking to Ms. Linda Bringer's 5th grade Music Class.
Thank you Linda for having me as your guest today! I so enjoyed our visit - what a blessing you are! She too has a child with special needs and she has done a fabulous job raising her child to believe in herself while becoming a productive member of our community.

Adorable Lexi - she belongs to such a wonderful family who does so much for Idlewild and the City of Lakewood!

A fellow Eastern Alum - Idlewild's newest P.E. teacher Coach Ira. What a pleasure it was to meet this fine young man proudly wearing an Eastern Washington University Eagle National Champion Sweatshirt!

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