Visiting Custer Elementary

I am picture above with Ms. Scala - the Music/Art Teacher at Custer Elementary. Ms. Scala, who has also taught Special Education, was actually Cody's (my youngest son) first teacher. She is my Angel. She was the first teacher to take me by the hand and guide me as I entered into my journey of the Special Needs World.
As stated in my previous post, March is "Music in Our Schools" month! Above I am speaking to Ms. Scala's 5th grade Music/Art class promoting both Music Education and my platform "Embracing the Special Needs Child".

With Ms. Scala's 5th grade Music/Art class. These students contributed so much to today's classroom discussions on how important Music/Art is to creating a well rounded education. They also gave great examples on how to advocate for fellow students who may be struggling with a disorder, challenge or disability. So proud of these kids! (cleared to showcase their beautiful smiles here :))

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