Special Education Rehab Seminar - Shoreline Community College

As mentioned in an earlier post, our family had the chance to be guest speakers at the Rehab Special Education Seminar held at Shoreline Community College. We gave a personal testimony on how an alternative treatment for Tourettes that we sought out last November for our son Kenny has been proven successful. To the right of this picture is Dr. Anthony Sims - one of the founders of a retainer device that has helped Kenny's motor tics reduce by 70 %. What a great way to spend my last full day as Mrs. Washington - the opportunity to share this exciting new treatment to bring healing and hope to those battling movement/tic disorders.
My son Kenny giving his personal testimony as well on how the retainer device has helped reduce his tics and given him a new life socially and academically.

Doctors that are making a difference in the lives of patients with movement/pain disorders: Dr. Brian Vlcek, Dr. Anthony Sims, Dr. Stephen Glass and Dr. Mark Cooper. The" Fantastic Four" of today's seminar!

What a blessing and honor it was to be able to be in the presence of such brilliant men of medicine! Really, a miracle in the making right here and an answer to prayer!

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