Legacy of Hope - Boys and Girls Club of South Puget Sound Prelimary Competition

Wednesday, Feb. 23 I had the honor to be a guest at the Legacy of Hope preliminary competition celebrating the most dynamic young women and man chosen among Boys and Girls Club across the Puget Sound to represent their Clubs while vying for the title of Youth of the Year. On Thursday, Feb. 24 the winner will be announced at the Legacy of Hope main event to be held at the Tacoma Convention Center.

This year the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound has nominated 8 outstanding Club Youths of the Year, representing each Branch to compete for the 2011 Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound title:* Kainen Bell, Stadium High School, Al Davies Branch* Julene Borja, South Kitsap High School, South Kitsap Branch* Veronica Cubean, Mt. Tahoma High School, Henry T. Schatz Branch* Jessica Fletcher, Stadium High School, D.A. Gonyea Branch* India Irons, Lakes High School, Lakewood Branch* Chesney Pettett, Spanaway Lake High School, South Pierce County Branch* Nadine Tidwell, North Mason High School, North Mason Branch* Season Warren, Gig Harbor High School, Cheney Family Branch.

With Mark Starnes, President/CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound. In 1981 I was the first girl to be selected as the Boys Clubs (before it was called Boys and Girls Club- see previous posting) "Girl of Washington State". What a blessing it is to be able to come back 30 years later as Mrs. Washington to support our youth of today. Thank you Mark for letting be a part of celebrating these amazing candidates!

Jinnie Hanson, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Boys and Girls Clubs, is the mastermind behind this event and I must say, she is doing a fabulous job!
Judy Hosea, Vice President of Development, and her husand Tom were so gracious as my dinner companions.

Hilary Baumstarck with Merril Lynch serves on the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound Board. He too was nice enough to have me as a dinner guest at his table.

I met such a sweet young lady this evening - beautiful Brianna. She was such a delight - I got my girlie fix here :)!

Tonight's event was actually held in the auditorium of Lakeview Hope Academy where my youngest son Cody attends school. I am pictured above with the lady who keeps my baby fed and happy while at school - Lakeview's Lunch Lady - the most popular chef in town to a lot of little hungry bellies! I am so thankful for her! She was so kind to come in and help provide dinner along with the Boys and Girls Clubs Teen Chefs. They did an outstanding job!

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