Visiting Calvary Chapel Spokane Valley

Calvary Chapel Spokane Valley Christian School
(Faces of students are edited for privacy purposes)
David Conine to my left is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Spokane Valley. His lovely wife Colleen asked me to come speak at their school. David and Colleen are dear friends of both my husband and I - we go back more than 20 years from our College and Career Days with Calvary Chapel North Spokane.

Sharing with the students my platform "Embracing the Special Needs Child" and promoting Music Education. I explained to the children that when we struggle with a disability, disorder, hardship or challenge in life - it usually because God has a plan, and it is when we are in total reliance on His strength and not our own that we can be used for His Glory in encouraging others

A Pastor's wife is most certainly deserving of the crown! Of course, our ultimate crown is waiting for us in Heaven!

The Conine Family - Thank you for having me as your guest!

My wonderful friend Christina, who was so gracious to give me a place to stay while in Spokane, along with being my chauffeur and personal assistant!

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