Victorian Country Christmas - Washington State Fairgrounds

The All American Girl Pageant is one of the sponsors of Victorian Country Christmas - an amazing celebration of the Christmas Season showcasing hundreds of booths, holiday activities, talent and of course the famous Singing Nativity - which is how I start my Christmas every year.
I was so proud and honored to cheer on these young girls during their talent showcase held on the Opry Stage of the Showplex.

During intermission I was able to speak to the audience on how the All American Girl Pageant is truly a celebration of what is on the inside of the girls being that this is an all natural pageant. I also shared my platform "Embracing the Special Needs Child" along with promoting MENC (National Association of Music Education). I stressed that without Music Education we would not have a talent showcase to display nor the Singing Nativity which is the highlight of the Victorian Country Christmas.

One of our talent showcase highlights! What a cutie!

Honored to have a picture taken with the announcer of today's event! I am so impressed with these young ladies learning leadership skills through this pageant.

These young ladies are representing a new pageant system called the International Miss Tourism. Great job girls!

Well I can say I definitely got my girlie fix today! So enjoyed these talented young ladies!

My boys have been such troopers in being bombarded with the pageant world - now it's time to get some back-up with Frosty!

Awww.... the true meaning of Christmas!!! Christ our Lord and Savior was born so we may have everlasting life!!! If there is one legacy that I can leave as Mrs. Washington it is that I hope that somehow, someway I was able to stamp the imprint of the love of Jesus in people's hearts so that they too may have a place reserved for them in Heaven. That is my prayer.

What a way to start the Christmas Season - the Victorian Country Christmas Singing Nativity!

This is the wonderful lady who makes Victorian Country Christmas possible - Shari Furnstahl. She and her husband Dave are the owners of this magnificent event. Thank you Shari for having me be your guest!

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