"Queens for a Cure" Benefit Pageant

As promised, here are more pictures from "Queens for a Cure" Benefit Pageant!

2010 Royal Court and Hostesses Kennedy Miller and Victoria Knight

Fellow Judge Miss Whatcom County 2010 Vonda Dilorenzo

Fellow Judge Tia Hunsperger

2010 Queens for a Cure Participants!

Saturday, Oct. 30 I had the honor to be a judge for the "Queens for a Cure" Benefit Pageant.
Over $14,ooo was raised to help find a cure for Breast Cancer. The money raised will be donated to the "Susan G. Komen for the Cure" non-profit organization. Below I have posted a few pictures from the event. I am not able to upload any more pictures as my cable service is having technical difficulties. I will be sure and post more pictures of this event after this issue is resolved.
Ms. Classic American Renaissance - Linda Elledge, Laura Hunter - 2010 Ms. Queen, myself and 2009 Supreme Princess - Isabelle Banks.

With with my dear friend Rosemary Mann and her daughter Taylor Mann (2009 Supreme Queen). Taylor also was awarded Queen of Queens for raising over $2,000 for breast cancer research. Congratulations Taylor!

The Director of Queens for a Cure Benefit Pageant - Nicole Miller. She did a fabulous job in putting together a very successful and professional program. Over 80 ladies of all ages participated in the event. She also did a fantastic job in keeping things organized and simple for the judges - very impressed! Way to go Nicole!

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