Visiting Lakeview Hope Academy - Halloween Party

On Friday, Oct. 29 I had the privilege and honor to perform my tasks as Cody's Room Mother once again! I crowned them all Kings and Queen (only one girl in the class) for the day. We had a creature hunt, Halloween goodies, spooky "Slimeade" and played with our party bag prizes! So much fun! (For privacy purposes I made each student a Star!)

Now how does one begin to thank the special lady in Cody's life who daily makes such a positive and priceless impact in the development of my autistic child? Mrs. Yorlang is such a fabulous teacher - so patient and loving with all of the children in her classroom. God has a special crown for her in heaven - I just know it!

Mrs. Green is the classroom's teacher assistant. Besides her having the last name of Cody's favorite color "Green", she also has a heart of "Gold"! She definitely has a gift in working with children with special needs. She is such a blessing as well.

Cody loving the spooky "Slimeade"!

Cody and a classmate having a fun time during our Halloween Party!

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