Remembering Lakewood's Fallen Officers

Today the Lakewood Police Department, along with state and local city officials, unveiled and dedicated a memorial in honor of four Lakewood Police Officers killed in the line of duty one year ago today. The memorial bears the names of Sgt. Mark Renniger and Officers Tina Griswold, Ronnie Owens and Greg Richards etched above four stars with the date they were killed inside a Forza Coffee Shop located in Parkland/Pierce County. Tina Griswold was actually my neighborhood precinct Officer - she was a wonderful and dedicated Officer who is surely missed. Remember to thank those in Uniform (our first responders and military) and pray for them & their families daily!

Precor Photo Shoot

Thanks to Mrs. Shohomish County, Jessica Riggs, I had the opportunity to participate in a photo shoot with Jessica promoting Precor fitness equipment. Thank you again Jessica for inviting me to be a part of this fun event!
One of the models, Nasca, getting pampered by our hair and makeup artists. They did such a great job with all of us!

In the break room during lunch with my new friends.

Getting ready for our next photo shoot - we got quite the workout!
From left to right: Marc, Taylor, Nasca, Brandon, myself, Tamara and Megan.
What a fabulous group to work with! I met some of the nicest people!

Megan, myself and Nasca modeling Gold's Gym T-shirts in honor of Woodenville's Gold's Gym hosting the Precor photo shoot!

Trip to Virginia to seek Alternative Treatment for Kenny's Tourette Syndrome

On Sunday November 7th, my son Kenny and I boarded a plane and flew across country to seek a new treatment for Kenny's Tourette Syndrome. For months we have been doing research on this new treatment discovered by Dr. Brendan Stack whose practice is located in Virginia.
Dr. Brendan Stack is a world renown authority on TMJ treatment and has recently been treating patients with generalized motion disorders and now Tourette Syndrome patients with high success. He has recently discovered that Tourette Syndrome is caused by a derangement of the TM joint and how to eliminate the disabling symptoms associated with Tourette Syndrome

This new treatment for Tourette Syndrome makes use of a properly fitted mouth appliance to relieve pressure on certain nerves to the brain. The treatment has been proven successful on many patients. For more information contact Dr. Stack at 703-821-1103 or visit his website at: The following case report written by Dr. Stack and his colleage Dr. Anthony Sims is very informative as well:
Since arriving home from our trip on November 11 we have seen about a 60%improvement in Kenny's tics associated with Tourettes. We were told by Dr. Stack that it may take 3 - 6 weeks to see even more improvement. I will be sure and post Kenny's progress after this trial time has passed. Until then, enjoy the pictures below of our our trip to Virginia for treatment along with sightseeing pictures of Washington D.C. and Maryland!
Day One (Nov. 7): On the plane getting ready to take off for Virginia!

Day Two (Nov.8): After flying across the United States of America - we finally made it to Dr. Stacks office!

Kenny with Dr. Anthony Sims and Dr. Bredan Stack. Dr. Anthony Sims also provides this new treatment for Tourette Syndrome patients and has worked closely with Dr. Stack for many years. His practice is in Maryland. What an honor it was to meet both of these wonderful Doctors!

Kenny after getting his M.R.I. scan. To the left of Kenny is Tiffany - the M.R. I. specialist and to the right is Sylvia - the receptionist at Tysons Corner Diagnostic Imaging. These ladies were so kind to us!

Day Three (Nov. 9): Kenny and I had some time to got sight seeing in Washington D.C. - Here we are at the Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space in front of the very first airplane! Kenny is a huge fan of the Wright Brothers!

In front of the Washington Monument

Getting ready to take the elevator to the top of the Washington Monument.

Our Nation's Capital taken from the top of the Washington Monument.

The White House taken from the top of the Washington Monument

I had the privilege to get my girlie fix during my trip and met a sweet little girl name Penny while visiting the Lincoln Memorial.

Mrs. Washington at the World War II Memorial - my home state!

Kenny in front of Mr. Washington's home state - Kansas!

Taken at the World War II Memorial in front of the Washington Monument - the weather was absolutely beautiful during our visit!

Kenny and I in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Kenny at the Museum of Natural History

Day Four (Nov. 10): Visiting the Annapolis Naval Academy's Visitor's Center - met the lovely tour guide, Alisoun, while waiting for my nephew Harris to be relieved of his shift duty. Kenny loved the space capsule in the background.

My nephew Harris giving us a tour of John Paul John's Crypt - he was the Founding Father of the United States Navy as we know it today!

Kenny in Memorial Hall giving a speech behind the podium. He looks like a character front the Peanuts cartoon - too funny!

Kenny and I so enjoyed our time with my nephew Harris who is a cadet at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland. We are so proud of Harris!

Day Five (Nov. 11): Dr. Stack inserting Kenny's new retainer.

Wow! Kenny happy to get some relief from his tics associated with Tourettes finally!

Calling Daddy to let him know we are on board the airplane and on our way home!

Thank you to our Alaska Airline pilots for getting us home safely!

Dollar Tree and Operation Homefront Toy Drive 2010

Operation Homefront has partnered nationally with Dollar Tree, Inc. and will solicit and encourage patrons of the Dollar Tree and Deal$ stores to purchase and donate a toy to be placed in the collection box at their store. Over 4,000 Dollar Tree and Deal$ stores around the country will be collecting toys from November 1st through December 6th 2010. Toys will be distributed to the children of our service members during holiday celebrations and events at various military installations and armories throughout the United States.

This my fourth year working with Operation Homefront as a pick up and delivery volunteer. Each Christmas season I pick up, sort and deliver approximately 5,000 toys to military children at Joint Base Fort Lewis/McChord. The store I service is the Lakewood/Steilacoom Dollar Tree. I am pictured above with my little Elves (my nieces Lauren and Hannah) and Dollar Tree Staff. I just love this store - they do a fabulous job every year!

Delivering toys to Joint Base Fort Lewis/McChord. I am pictured above with MSgt. William Baker (First Sergeant), MSgt. Johnny Wilson and SMSgt. James Weber. God bless our men andd women in uniform! These toys will now be distributed to military children on base via Santa himself!

Mrs. Washington November Workshop

Mrs. Washington 1999, Chung Himple, hosted this month's workshop. She did a fabulous job coaching the girls on their interview skills! From left to right: Mrs. Pacific Northwest (Lisa Bluhm), Mrs. Twin Cities (Ricolena Anders), Mrs. Thurston County (Dionne Tarter), myself, Mrs. King County (Derozette Banks) and Mrs. Washington 1999 (Chung Himple).
Each of the girls got to be put in the "hot" seat to practice interviews. Above, Chung is giving feedback on things to be aware of during the interview process.

Congratulations "All That Shimmers" Wedding Boutique - Winner of King 5's Best of Western Washington!

Congratulations to "All That Shimmers" Wedding Boutique for winning King 5's Best of Western Washington for the 3rd year in a row! The owners have been so gracious and supportive while cheering me on to win the title of Mrs. Washington. I was honored to be asked by the owners Karen Martin (not pictured) and her husband Matt (pictured above) to be a model for King 5's News coverage of their success.
Modeled a mermaid wedding dress - so much fun to be a bride again!

I was in beautiful company as you can see! Three wedding dress designs featured here: "the wrap". the "mermaid" and the "corset".

Auburn Veteran's Day Parade

Thank you to our men and women in uniform! God Bless Our Veterans!
Had to get a picture with the Cotton Candy Man before the parade started - an all American tradition!

What a surprise to run into Michael - a member of Tilicum's VFW.

My boys and I getting ready to judge the parade with co-judges Sean and Margaret. What an honor. The Auburn Veteran's Day Parade happens to be the biggest Veteran' Parade West of the Mississippi!

KTTH Radio Staff hosts the parade!

The beginning of the parade

My sons loved the military vehicles!

Patriotic Motor Cycle Brigade

Banners Honoring Our Fallen Soldiers

Thank you to Kristy Pachciarz for organizing this amazing event giving tribute to our Veterans!

Mrs. Hawaii Visits Washington!

Mrs. Hawaii, Alicia Jones, visited Washington State the first week of November. We had such a nice visit! Making a new friend in Alicia at Mrs. America definitely has been wonderful blessing. She brought me chocolate covered Macadamia nuts straight from the Islands of Hawaii along with spoiling me with some new Arbonne Beauty Products - LOVE HER! Thank you Alicia!
Alicia and I went to the Ram on the waterfront in Tacoma. My best friend from elementary school, Raeanne Blakely was our server for the evening - what a fun night catching up with her as well!

"Queens for a Cure" Benefit Pageant

As promised, here are more pictures from "Queens for a Cure" Benefit Pageant!

2010 Royal Court and Hostesses Kennedy Miller and Victoria Knight

Fellow Judge Miss Whatcom County 2010 Vonda Dilorenzo

Fellow Judge Tia Hunsperger

2010 Queens for a Cure Participants!

Saturday, Oct. 30 I had the honor to be a judge for the "Queens for a Cure" Benefit Pageant.
Over $14,ooo was raised to help find a cure for Breast Cancer. The money raised will be donated to the "Susan G. Komen for the Cure" non-profit organization. Below I have posted a few pictures from the event. I am not able to upload any more pictures as my cable service is having technical difficulties. I will be sure and post more pictures of this event after this issue is resolved.
Ms. Classic American Renaissance - Linda Elledge, Laura Hunter - 2010 Ms. Queen, myself and 2009 Supreme Princess - Isabelle Banks.

With with my dear friend Rosemary Mann and her daughter Taylor Mann (2009 Supreme Queen). Taylor also was awarded Queen of Queens for raising over $2,000 for breast cancer research. Congratulations Taylor!

The Director of Queens for a Cure Benefit Pageant - Nicole Miller. She did a fabulous job in putting together a very successful and professional program. Over 80 ladies of all ages participated in the event. She also did a fantastic job in keeping things organized and simple for the judges - very impressed! Way to go Nicole!