PenMet Foundation Boundless Playground Celebration

Today (Sat. Oct 16) I was asked to help celebrate the donors who made Sehmel Homestead Park's Boundless Playground possible. Located in Gig Harbor, this playground is specially designed to include children with special needs. This appearance is at the top of my list as it is very near and dear to my heart having two boys with special needs myself.

Thank you Larry Bleich (Director of the PenMet Foundation) for inviting me and allowing me to a part of this wonderful celebration!

The pioneers in making this playground possible. Most of these ladies are mothers to special needs children themselves. What a mother's love for her child can accomplish - I am so honored to have met these beautiful women!!! Left to right: Kristine Drake, Theresa Boyle, Jennifer Flint-Nelson (the mastermind behind this achievement), myself, Sue Leusner, Janelle Hester and Abigail Bushley. Missing in the photo is Stephanie Payne. Ladies, all I can say is .....YOU ROCK!

Crowning the sweet and adorable Hope Bushley. She assisted in handing out awards today and did a fabulous job!

The President of the PenMet Foundation, - Dr. Julie Ann Gustanski - getting ready to recognize the donors who made the Boundless Playground a reality.

Pictured here with Olivia and Lilly who are sisters. Olivia has been diagnosed with Crones Disease. As a result, she had to stop taking dance lessons as it was to hard on her abdomen. However, she decided to not be defeated and use her dance skills (in a setting not so intensive) to teach preschool dance therapy to children with special needs. I am so proud of her - she is only 16 years old. I can not wait to visit her dance class!

Crowning the beautiful Brette!

I thought these two looked familiar - I saw them at the Pumpkin Patch last week!

Pictured above with Nick Randle who has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He is so loving! He really enjoyed playing with my hair and he is quit the snuggler - I just loved visiting with him!

With triplets Annie and Izzy - their brother didn't care to hang out with the princess's!

Children enjoying the playground!

Pictured above with Ian Flint-Nelson - the son of Jennifer who was (as stated above) the mastermind behind making this playground possible. Despite being diagnosed with Autism and Cerebral Palsy - he planted a seed that will bless so many lives! Thank you Ian for being so special!

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