Happy 75th Birthday Mom!

My Mom's Birthday Cake! Happy 75th Birthday Mom!

Now, who is this crazy old lady next to my Mom giving advice on how to stay young no matter what your age?!! She stole my crown!!! Hmmmm.......

My Mom wanted me to come to her party as Mrs. Washington! She just loves to show me off - too funny! I love her!

From left to right: My brother Mike. my mom Dolores, my sister Patti, myself, and my sister Valerie. My sister Karen arrived later that evening, we just missed her - I had to get home and get my boys to bed.

More of my family having a great time!

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  1. Greetings Carla, Kenny and Family. This is Niki & Nigel from Canada who met you both last night at the American Idol Show. We wanted to send a hello to you all as we were so happy to meet you. I only wish you'd been able to actually see the show Kenny! Some other city perhaps. Wishing you all god bless and have a wonderful (warm?) summer.
    sincerely Niki and Nigel Martinus.