Yeah! My Directors are here now!

My Washington State Directors - Pamela and David Curnel - I just love them!

Before my interview, getting a quick snapshot with Mrs. Ohio - Kimberly Miller! What a fun gal!
She also has great taste in color :)!

The last group before interview (minus West Virginia - she's coming!). Interviews started at 9:00 am on Saturday and our time was scheduled for 4:30 p.m.. Long wait! Not being rushed was sure nice though!

Here is beautiful and funny Mrs. West Virginia - Manda Teter. I think so much of her as she stepped up to the plate 6 weeks before Mrs. America to accept the crown of Mrs. West Virginia when her predecessor gave up the crown. She did a great job!

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My Directors are here now! Yeah! They have been so wonderful to me - I am so very blessed. Also, interviews went well - very nice judges which made the process so enjoyable. Thanks for the prayers! Tomorrow - a full day of rehearsals!

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