Check In and Orientation Dinner Surprise

Checking in with Runya - our Mrs. America Contestant Coordinator

With Frit and Frat - our ever so fabulous and funny choreographers!

Bill Harris giving me a welcome smooch!

Actually had some time to work out - and yes we had to wear our sash everywhere - even the gym!

With Mrs. Virginia Tonya Ratliff

With Mrs. West Virginia Manda Teter

My roomie for the week - Mrs. District of Columbia - Regena Reigns

Orientation Dinner

With Mrs. America 2006/ Mrs. World 2007 Diane Tucker

Presenting David Marmel my gift along with showing off my new Mary Frances purse prize!

Elaine Marmel - what a sweet lady. She presented me my Mary Frances prize purse!

(Previous Post from Day 2)
Last night at the Orientation Dinner I was awarded a Mary Frances "one of a kind purse" for competing the most times to win a state title. There was actually a three way tie, but I was able to break it by being married the longest - 18 years to my handsome hubby Jeff. Staying married does pay off :)! - in more ways than one. Met Frit and Frat - our dance choreographers - so much fun. Getting ready to head out for a day of shopping and fun. The food here is great by the way - we are truly being treated like royalty!

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