Greeting Fair Goers at the Puyallup Fair

Saturday, Sept. 18 I had the privilege of greeting fair goers at the Puyallup Fair with Miss Washington's American Coed Pre-teen 2010. Thank you Stephanie for doing such a great job representing Washington State!
My boys did such a wonderful job helping me pass out programs. Silly me, I forgot to have them put on their Boy Scout and Cub Scout uniform before heading out to the fair. We were just so excited about having a fun day - which we did!

Pictured above with my son Cody & my sister Valerie and her daughters.

After passing out programs, my sons and I decided to walk down to Taco Bell for lunch after a hard days work! We had the blessing of visiting with a beautiful lady by the name of Helyn Nelson. She is known as Puyallup's Taco Bell Grandma! She shared an inspirational story with my sons about how her grandson, at the age of 5 developed a rare disease which forced doctors to amputate his legs. They did not think he would survive. However, at 35 years of age, he is now playing wheelchair professional basketball. So great for my sons to hear that story as in inspiration for them to overcome their own challenges!

I ran into one of my best friend's daughter - I can't believe Jessica is almost as tall as me now!

At the petting zoo. My sons favorite place to visit at the fair!

I had the pleasure of being asked to take a picture with these beautiful girls. I wrote their names on a piece of paper and wouldn't you know - I lost it. I do remember Madison and Allisa I believe. So if you are reading this girls, please feel free to correct me and update me via email!

I was so excited to run into Allyson, Miss Tacoma's Outstanding Teen 2010. She placed 2nd runner up at the Miss Washington America's Outstanding Teen Pageant this last May. I am still so proud of her! It was so much fun being her coach!

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