Made it to Tucson!

A big huge thank you to my dear friend Angie Foster (Mrs. Washington United States 2008) for taking me to the airport! I remember when I was able to do the same for her when she went to Nationals - so much fun to share this experience with one another!
My flight crew with Alaska Airlines - they were such great cheer leaders!

Brandy greeted me with my first Tucson smile!

Dave, my shuttle driver, and Sharon - my new friend!

(Previous Post below from my first day)
Well, looks like I will be able to update you after all. However, I apologize as I will not have the capability to download pics, but will be sure and do so as soon as I can after the pageant! I was a little bit worried as I arrived to check in at Seatac - some security systems were down so the lines were so long. However, my Mrs. Washington sash came in handy and rescued me. Security was gracious enough to bring me to the front - Praise the Lord! The flight was wonderful - met a lovely couple - Judy and Randy. I was even able to get a picture with the whole flight crew! The shuttle driver Dave was so nice and the shuttle receptionist Brandy greeted with a beautiful smile in Tucson Airport. I met a delightful lady named Sharon whom I shared the shuttle ride with. Since arriving at Loews Ventana Resort I have been pinching myself all day :)! Feel so very blessed to be here - it is warm and breathe taking! Well, got to go and unpack!

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