Cinderella's Closet Ballroom Blitz

Above are a few examples of special occasion gowns that are provided through the nonprofit organization called Cinderella's Closet.

To my left are Renata Hanson and her mother - founders of Cinderella's Closet. To my right is Patricia - a volunteer and friend of Renata's. My job was to be the official greeter - met so many nice people! This fundraiser event was held at the beautiful Olympia Ballroom.

The opening youth band - Friday Farewell. They were so talented for being so young!

The adult band - The Replay. Wow! - they did such a great job. Of course, the gorgeous gal on the left adds some spice to the band as well! That's my dear friend Lisa Bluhm - Mrs. Pacific Northwest! Her husband is the drummer. What a fun couple!

My beautiful and talented pageant sister and friend - Lisa Bluhm - Mrs. Pacific Northwest!

Had to have a picture with my dance buddies! They were so much fun to be with on the dance floor! We got a work-out!

Pictured above with Richard Chubb - a friend and supporter of Cinderella's Closet. What a nice guy, enjoyed my visit with him.

Tonight's fundraiser had a great turn out both youth and adults alike. We raised over $1,000 through donations and raffle tickets. This money will then be used for dress scholarships which will pay for cleaning of the borrowed dresses. What a great organization!

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