Made it to Tucson!

A big huge thank you to my dear friend Angie Foster (Mrs. Washington United States 2008) for taking me to the airport! I remember when I was able to do the same for her when she went to Nationals - so much fun to share this experience with one another!
My flight crew with Alaska Airlines - they were such great cheer leaders!

Brandy greeted me with my first Tucson smile!

Dave, my shuttle driver, and Sharon - my new friend!

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Well, looks like I will be able to update you after all. However, I apologize as I will not have the capability to download pics, but will be sure and do so as soon as I can after the pageant! I was a little bit worried as I arrived to check in at Seatac - some security systems were down so the lines were so long. However, my Mrs. Washington sash came in handy and rescued me. Security was gracious enough to bring me to the front - Praise the Lord! The flight was wonderful - met a lovely couple - Judy and Randy. I was even able to get a picture with the whole flight crew! The shuttle driver Dave was so nice and the shuttle receptionist Brandy greeted with a beautiful smile in Tucson Airport. I met a delightful lady named Sharon whom I shared the shuttle ride with. Since arriving at Loews Ventana Resort I have been pinching myself all day :)! Feel so very blessed to be here - it is warm and breathe taking! Well, got to go and unpack!

Send Off Party to Mrs. America

Thank you to everyone for the beautiful send off you gave me. A special thanks to my Director Pam Curnel for making me feel truly like a Queen and to my husband Jeff for loving me and supporting through it all! God Bless both of you! Enjoy the pictures. I will label the following pics in detail when I get back from Mrs. America - really need to go to bed now! Leaving for Mrs. America in a few hours! My dream is finally coming true! So I am signing off - I hope to update you from Arizona if I can get access to a computer. God's Blessings until then!

My family!

Washington State Wins MENC Appearance Award!

Just found out today that Washington State has won the 2010 National MENC Appearance Award to be presented at the Mrs. America Pageant! Throughout this past year as Mrs. Pierce County and ultimately Mrs. Washington, I have been busy along with fellow Mrs. Washington contestants promoting the importance of keeping Music Education in our schools. While promoting my own platform "Embracing the Special Needs Child" with each appearance, I have had the opportunity to share with people how music has played such a important role in the development of my youngest son Cody who has Autism. It has been an honor and privilege to champion such a worthy cause! As a Mrs. Washington contestant last year, I was also awarded the 2009 Ambassador of Music Education for collecting over 1,400 signatures and the most funds to help keep Music in our schools! I am so proud of the Mrs. Washington Pageant Directors for emphasizing the importance of "Making a Difference". I belong to a wonderful pageant family! Most importantly, thank you to Mrs. America and MENC staff for partnering to help keep the Music playing for our children and allowing us to be a part of the process. Bless you for your service!

Annual Military Prowler Ball - Naval Air Station Whidbey Island

What a wonderful patriotic evening spent with our men and women in uniform! The aircraft hanger was packed with at least 600 people, if not more. Enjoyed social hour, awards, dinner and dancing!

What an honor it was the meet the newly appointed Commanding Officer of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island - Captain Gregory Jay Johnston and his wife Cheryl (to the left of Jeff and I) and Rear Adm. Dave Woods and his wife Debbie (to the right). What lovely people!

With Captain Tom Slais - Commodore of Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet. This is one of his jets - if you closely his name is imprinted beneath the cockpit. What a nice man!

Jeff and I are pictured above with Jeff's Commanding Officer Gregory Davis and his lovely wife Amy. Jeff's belongs to the Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 129 Squadron Augment Unit (SAU).

As you can see, I am in great company at my table!

What a magical night to be out with my husband. He looks so handsome in his Officer Uniform!

Officer Wives of the VAQ 129 - Left to right: Pam, myself, Amy, Holly and Jennifer.
Thank you ladies for a wonderful night!

Just love this couple. Tianna to the left of me inspired me early in the year to start running! I did my first race in May - the Sound of Narrows! Her husband Keith is to the right of me - such an upbeat guy!

What handsome men of the VAQ 129!

Congratulations Tigers!

My son Kenny pitching for his team - the Tigers! So proud of these boys - they won both games in their final double-header of the season! They improved so much this summer.

My son Cody up to bat - so cute!

My husband Jeff stepping in as a catcher while Kenny practices some pitching throws. Our boys are blessed to have their Daddy be their coach in just about every sport they play in. It is so important to take leadership roles in your children's lives. Kenny and Cody have benefited so much through being involved in sports. The exposure has given the both of them valuable social skills and confidence in dealing their challenges associated with Tourette Sydrome and Autism.

Tilicum Centenial Celebration

Had a wonderful visit with members of the Tilicum VFW at Harry Todd Park where the Tilicum Centenial Celebration was held. I have so many great memories as a child coming to this park to play and go swimming.

Here I am with Katelynn and her brother Tristan. They were so cute!

It is great to see our youth out in the community making a difference. These two young ladies volunteered to help make this event a success! The girl on my left is the granddaughter of Jim Taylor - the man who made this event possible!

I got to be a guest of honor at the Tilicum Centenial, so the City thought it would be appropriate to present Jim Taylor with his own sash which read - Mr. Tilicum 2010! Jim Taylor has been a life long resident of the City of Tilicum and was the organizer of this fabulous event. To my right is my City Mayor Doug Richardson of Lakewood. Lakewood is a neighboring City of Tilicum. Mayor Richardson issued a proclamation stating August 14th as Tilicum Day!

This dear lady was one of my son's pre-school special education teachers. Her name is Cynthia. Not only does she work with special needs children, but she is a wife, mom and member of our Washington State National Guard and is a Tilicum VFW member as well. Thank you for your service Cynthia in more ways than one - you are an angel!

In the middle is Bob - my new friend. He sure had a fun time at the classic car show taking tons of pictures of engines with my camera! To the very right is the owner of the truck behind us - he was so kind!

Bob taking a picture of me and a classic car fan wanting a picture with Mrs. Washington!

Above with Jane McCarthy - former King 5 reporter who now works as a Spokane television news co-anchor. She grew up in Tilicum and acted as the Master of Ceremonies for today's event.

Cinderella's Closet Ballroom Blitz

Above are a few examples of special occasion gowns that are provided through the nonprofit organization called Cinderella's Closet.

To my left are Renata Hanson and her mother - founders of Cinderella's Closet. To my right is Patricia - a volunteer and friend of Renata's. My job was to be the official greeter - met so many nice people! This fundraiser event was held at the beautiful Olympia Ballroom.

The opening youth band - Friday Farewell. They were so talented for being so young!

The adult band - The Replay. Wow! - they did such a great job. Of course, the gorgeous gal on the left adds some spice to the band as well! That's my dear friend Lisa Bluhm - Mrs. Pacific Northwest! Her husband is the drummer. What a fun couple!

My beautiful and talented pageant sister and friend - Lisa Bluhm - Mrs. Pacific Northwest!

Had to have a picture with my dance buddies! They were so much fun to be with on the dance floor! We got a work-out!

Pictured above with Richard Chubb - a friend and supporter of Cinderella's Closet. What a nice guy, enjoyed my visit with him.

Tonight's fundraiser had a great turn out both youth and adults alike. We raised over $1,000 through donations and raffle tickets. This money will then be used for dress scholarships which will pay for cleaning of the borrowed dresses. What a great organization!

Mrs. Washington Visits Seattle

Visiting the Boeing Store. Thank you Sandy (Seattle Store Manager) for donating DVDs that I can bring to Mrs. America as gifts representing our State of Washington. As you can see Sandy is wearing a crown as well. This crown was given to her by one of her employees as a gift for being the Queen of the Seattle Boeing Store. I just had to get a picture with both of us wearing crowns! Thanks Sandy - you truly are a Queen!
A Big Thank You as well to the staff of Pike Place Starbucks Coffee Store. This store is the very first Starbucks - this is where it all began! Thank you Chad Moore (Store Manager) and Tiana (Assistant Store Manager to my left - she was so sweet and kind!) for donating mugs and coffee as gifts for me to bring to Mrs. America in representing the State of Washington.

Loved these guys! This group's name is "A Moment in Time". I was so blessed by their amazing vocal talent today. Thank you gentlemen for singing to me!

Another blessing! This sweet little girl Vanessa wanted to take a picture with Mrs. Washington!
I had so much fun walking along the streets of Pike Place Market today as Mrs. Washington! I met so many wonderful people.
Certainly can't go to Pike Place Market without stopping by the City Fish Co. Had an opportunity to go behind the scenes for this picture!

Thank you Dave, Adam and Mitch for showing me just how much fun fish can be!

My hubby and boys, along with Kenny's friend John, had a great time at the Museum of Flight today! Aviation is a huge part of our family.

Finishing up our day on the Seattle Pier feeding the Seagulls after eating a lovely meal on the waterfront at Ivars Restaurant. Eating at Ivars always brings back great memories - as Ivars was my very first employer helping me establish my journey into the workforce as a teenager.

28th District Republican Club Annual Summer Picnic

Picture above with my State Senator's wife Charlotte Carrell at the Annual 28th District Republican Club Summer Picnic. She is such a classy lady - I am honored to call her my friend and mentor in politics!
Although the picnic got rained out a little early, still managed to enjoy some time with these sweet little girls. They seemed to really like the suckers I handed out!

Whidbey Island Naval Air Station

Here I am with my handsome husband Jeffrey who serves as a Navy Officer with the VAQ 129 SAU Fighting Vikings Reserve Unit. I am so proud to be married to a man in a uniform representing our United States Military!
The boys and I joined Daddy as he served a week of Reserve Duty at the beautiful Island of Whidbey. We are standing in front of a static display of the E-18 Prowler. We had such a great time as a family. Getting ready to head to the Seattle Mariners Game for Military Appreciation Night!