4th of July at the Richards House

We hosted over 4o people at our home for the 4th of July. We had such a great time. The day was full of fireworks, laser tag, annual Croquet Contest, good food and loads of fun!

Kenny lighting off a smoke bomb.

Cody's turn!
Playing laser tag!

This year I decided to pull out the crown and sash hoping it would give me luck in my family's annual Croquet Contest. I decided to get a "before" picture with the all time Champion for the past 7 years straight - my brother-in-law Vince Wagner (aka Dawg).

Our Cheer Squad

I can't believe it! I won! The last and only time out of 13 years that I beat Vince was in 2003. It took me only seven years to earn back the coveted black ball and mallet. Here he is bowing to the Queen (hee hee) and relinquishing the black ball and mallet!

However, I could not have done it without my partner in crime and beautiful niece - Vince's daughter Kaleah! All three of us were poison and Kaleah managed to get her own Daddy out of the running. Way to go Kaleah! You put up a great fight! So proud of you!
Basking in the moment of victory! Thanks Vince for always making Croquet not only competitive, but entertaining. You are a fun brother-in-law!

Ending the day with an awesome firework show in downtown Steilacoom overlooking Sunnyside Beach. Promised Cody I would take a picture of a green firework - his favorite color.

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