Sasquatch: The Sightings, the Science, the Stories

This last Saturday (June 5) my son Kenny and I had a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to meet Robert Gimlin (known for the famous Patterson/Gimlin video of Bigfoot) and Monsterquest's Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum. We attended a presentation and audience discussion on Bigfoot at the Washington State History Museum. Kenny is a huge fan of Bigfoot and hopes to one day have his own encounter with the legendary creature!

Harvest Moon (a native story teller of the Pacific Northwest) is sharing a story on the legend of the mysterious creature we call Bigfoot.

Discussion time with the audience- Robert Gimlin, Harvest Moon and Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum.

Kenny admiring a cast of a Bigfoot footprint! He is in his element!

Harvest Moon and Kenny

Kenny got autographs from both Robert Gimlin and Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum! We had such a great day together - absolutely priceless!

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