Michaels Bistro Celebration Breakfast

Opening gifts at Michaels Bistro - my first Mrs. Washington bottle of wine. Next year I will get to be on the cover with the rest of the ladies. Left to Right: myself, Mrs. WA 2005 - Patricia Richards, Mrs WA 2007 - Jennifer Adkisson and Mrs. WA 1999 - Chung Himple.

With Mrs. Washington 2007 Jennifer Adkisson and her beautiful family! I love this picture! Thank you Jennifer for your love, support and prayers during my journey to the crown. I am so grateful to have you as my dear sister in pageantry and most importantly in Christ!

Thank you to my pageant sisters for coming to my celebration breakfast. I so appreciate all the beautiful gifts as well. I am still pinching myself!

I can't believe I am now in the sisterhood of Mrs. Washington Queens! Left to right: Mrs. WA 2009 - Elizabeth Larsen, Mrs. WA 2005 - Patricia Richards, Mrs. WA 2010 - Carla Richards, Mrs. WA 1993 - Director Pamela Curnel and Mrs. WA 1999 - Chung Himple.

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