Visiting the Pierce County Council

I visited the Pierce County Council to thank them for their support and to give them an update on Pierce County taking home the Mrs. Washington Crown for the very first time ever! Back row from left to right: Shawn Bunney, Dick Muri (my district representative), Terry Lee and Timothy Farrell. Front row from left to right: Barbara Gelman, myself and Joyce McDonald. Thank you Pierce County Council for your service!

Cody got to close the meeting with the Council's gavel! Also pictured to the far left is Connor Simmons (grandson of Council Member Barabara Gelman). He was so cute! He said to me "You know, it should be pretty easy for you to win Mrs. Universe.... because Aliens are ugly!" Too funny!

Appearance Blitz!

This past weekend (June 26 & 27) I decided to celebrate my first full weekend as Mrs. Washington by launching an appearance blitz! I made 6 appearances on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Saturday included the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk, the Lakewood Summer Fest, 2 Birthday Parties, a Neighborhood Block Party and the Taste of Tacoma. Sunday I appeared at a going away party for Pastor Budd of Neighborhood Church in University Place. He and his family will surely be missed. Enjoy the pictures below!

Best Wishes Pastor Bud!

Pastor Bud of Neighborhood Church in University Place will be moving with his family to Richland, WA. You and your family will be so missed. Thank you for making an impact on so many lives in the name of our Lord! It was honor to be a guest at your going away party. Best Wishes!

Taste of Tacoma

Attending the Taste of Tacoma at Point Defiance Park as Mrs. Washington 2010. I grew up just a couple blocks from this beautiful park - what a fantastic back yard to have as a child. Love it here! So many great memories!
Had a blast on the Scrambler ride with my niece Hannah on my left and my sister Valerie on my right.

Playing the games at the Taste of Tacoma.

I had so much fun meeting so many people at the Taste of Tacoma. They would come up and ask "Are you really Mrs. Washington?" and I had the privilege and honor of replying "Yes, I am really Mrs. Washington!" Still hard to believe!

Neighborhood Block Party!

Had to get a picture with this sweet little girl selling soda and candy at my parent's annual "Taste of Tacoma" neighborhood block party.Beautiful Emily and her adorable little brother Logan working hard at monitoring traffic for the Taste of Tacoma!

Kind of a dark picture here, but a fun one! I got to be the guest of honor at my parents annual Taste of Tacoma neighborhood block party.

Taking a picture with the neighborhood children - so cute!

Longtime neighbors and family members. It was so good to see everyone again!

There must have been at least 50 people or more my parents fed today - what a spread! Had a fantastic time visiting and singing Karaoke! My Mom is on the far left - thanks Mom!

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Today I got to surprise my niece Lauren (far left) and her friends. I crashed her friends Birthday Party! I loved getting my girlie fix here! Happy Birthday Maddie!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Donnie Weeks

Mrs. Donnie Weeks celebrated her 85th Birthday and I got to be the guest of Honor! Donnie is a Lakewood Icon for her years of service in the political arena. Thank you Donnie - what an amazing woman you are!
Donnie makes such a beautiful Queen - she has most certainly earned the Title!

Bob Brunke - one of my favorite neighbors! He has such a wonderful sense of humor. Thank you Bob for bringing laughter and smiles to the party!

Lakewood 2010 Summerfest

Raced from the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk to the Lakewood Summerfest to support the Lakewood YMCA Senior and Junior Dance Companies. I also had the opportunity to speak to the audience about the importance of music in our schools - especially when it comes to dance! Our Director Jean Jackson did such a great job with our program this past year. Looking forward to performing again next year! Never stop dancing - no matter how you old you get! That's my motto!
What a surprise! My good friend and one of my biggest cheerleaders Phil Raschke was in charge of the performing arts stage at the Lakewood Summerfest. He does so much for the City of Lakewood - what an honor it is to know you Phil!

Now this lady deserves a crown! Talk about Princess Power! Darcy Olsen is a police officer with the Lakewood Police Department - my hometown. Thank you for your service Lakewood Police!

Seattle Seahawk Seagals - what a sweet group of ladies!

Seattle Seahawk Football Players Josh Wilson and Lawyer Malloy

Lakewood Police Officer Kenneth Henson - Got to love it!

I was so touched when this little girl's mother asked if I would take a picture with her and her daughter. Too cute. Thank you Sabrina and Victoria!

God Bless those who serve our country - Land of the Free because of the Brave!

Seattle Brain Cancer Walk

Joined Team Chris Elliot Fund (CEF) for the Brain Cancer Walk in Seattle today. It is great to be able to support such a great cause. Team CEF came in second for raising funds to support innovative research initiatives and support services for brain cancer patients and their families.

Lisa Bluhm (Mrs. Pacific Northwest), Tamara Deporter (Mrs. Seattle and board member of CEF), actress Jean Smart (advocate for Glioblastoma awareness and CEF board member as well) and myself - Mrs. Washington 2010.

Chris Elliot Board Members and Supporters
Founder Dellann Elliot is on my left - wife of the late Chris Elliot - what an amazing woman she is !
John "JB" Brace surrounded by Queens as should be! He is now an 8 year survivor of Glioblastoma Brain Cancer!
What a sweet little boy I met today. His name is Jaren and he too has been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome like my son. I so enjoyed meeting his mother as well - what a wonderful lady!
With the Silver Spurs Mascot!
As you see we had a great turn out at the Seattle Center! The tent of honor is dedicated to those who have been diagnosed with brain cancer. The stories I read were so touching. Above Tamara is explaining exactly how her organization CEF helps to raise awareness and advocate for those affected by brain cancer.

Elizabeth Larsen - Mrs. Washington 2009 - My Hero! Thank you for being our buddy and photographer for the day. You are such a blessing in my life!

Cover Story of Fort Lewis Ranger

This week my husband and I are the cover story of the Fort Lewis Ranger. We are also featured in the McChord Airlifter. The article says I am going to Mrs. America!!! I am still pinching myself!

Congratulations Kenny!

Kenny taking a picture with his School Principal of Hudtloff Middle School after the end of the year awards ceremony. Kenny received both a Blue Ribbon and an Outstanding Interpretation Ribbon for his artwork submitted through the Washington State PTA Reflection contest. He also received special recognition from his art teacher and for making Honor Roll!

Soccer Party

Well, our team "Yellow Bananas" finished in 1st place this year. We are so proud of our boys! Had a great time celebrating the end of the season at Odyssey 1 having pizza, playing video games and of course laser tag! Make a difference - become a coach!

Our Baby Chickens

Our newest members of the family "Little Black" and "White Fluff" are getting bigger! Animals bring so much joy to our boys!

My First Interview as Mrs. Washington 2010

I had such a great time with reporter Melissa Renahan from the Fort Lewis Ranger/McChord Airlifter. Thank you Melissa for a job well done!

Making It Official!

Mr. Washington 2010 - my handsome hubby Jeff making sure I ride home in style with my official 2010 Mrs. Washington America license plate cover! Thank you Elizabeth - I love it!

Michaels Bistro Celebration Breakfast

Opening gifts at Michaels Bistro - my first Mrs. Washington bottle of wine. Next year I will get to be on the cover with the rest of the ladies. Left to Right: myself, Mrs. WA 2005 - Patricia Richards, Mrs WA 2007 - Jennifer Adkisson and Mrs. WA 1999 - Chung Himple.

With Mrs. Washington 2007 Jennifer Adkisson and her beautiful family! I love this picture! Thank you Jennifer for your love, support and prayers during my journey to the crown. I am so grateful to have you as my dear sister in pageantry and most importantly in Christ!

Thank you to my pageant sisters for coming to my celebration breakfast. I so appreciate all the beautiful gifts as well. I am still pinching myself!

I can't believe I am now in the sisterhood of Mrs. Washington Queens! Left to right: Mrs. WA 2009 - Elizabeth Larsen, Mrs. WA 2005 - Patricia Richards, Mrs. WA 2010 - Carla Richards, Mrs. WA 1993 - Director Pamela Curnel and Mrs. WA 1999 - Chung Himple.

Michaels on the Lake Reception

Elizabeth - thank you for doing such a fabulous job with your title this past year.
I have got some big shoes to fill! I have you on my speed dial sister!
Our wonderful Mrs. Washington Pageant Directors - Pamela and Dr. David Curnel. Thank you for such a memorable experience - you both work so hard!

Moses Lake City Manager Joe Gavinski - I love Moses Lake!

Mrs. Washington Pageant accountant Vicki Groff and judges Karol Burrell and Linda Bishop - thank you ladies for all of your hard work!

With my 1st runner-up Jessica Riggs - Mrs. Snohomish County.
I love this picture of you - so beautiful!

My Cheer Squad - Family and Friends

Of course, my biggest cheerleaders - my boys! I am so blessed!
How wonderful it was to have my Maid of Honor from my wedding to be here while I was crowned Mrs. Washington - how appropriate! My Maid of Honor on my left (Cyndi Sander) and my dear friend from my college days (Leah Zwanzig). I love you ladies so much!

My beautiful dear sister in pageantry and most importantly sister in Christ - Mrs. Washington United States 2008 Angie Foster! Thank you for inspiring and mentoring me in my journey to the crown! What would I do without you?! Love you!

Angie's beautiful daughter Hollee Foster - getting my girlie fix here!

My parents Louie and Dolores Larson. My Mom just couldn't stop crying - too cute! Hmmm - I wonder where I get that from?!

The Wagner Family - Vince (my brother-in-law), Patti (my sister and one of my biggest cheerleaders!) and my nieces Jazzlynn and Kaleah. Thank you Vince for being my personal photographer, so I even have pictures to post, and for also making my husband his "Mr. Washington 2010" sash! Too funny!

My big brother Michael Larson. Wow, was it great to have him here when I won the crown. This is the first pageant he was able to make it to. Thank you so much for making the long drive! It meant so much!

Of course, again kuddos to Justin for making my dress. I am blessed with a talented nephew - congratulations Justin on a job well done!