Lakewood YMCA 2010 Dance Recital

Evening Show Appearance: Mrs. Pierce County - Carla Richards, Mrs. Seattle - Tamara Deporter, Mrs. Washington - Elizabeth Larsen, Mrs. Pacific Northwest - Lisa Bluhm, and Mrs. Olympia - Irene Shade. Thank you ladies for helping pass out programs and for being such great cheerleaders while I was on stage!
Matinee show: Mrs. King County - Derozette Banks, Mrs. Pierce County - Carla Richards, Mrs. Ballard - Katrina Taylor and Mrs. Thurston County - Dionne Tarter. Thank you ladies for helping pass out programs.

Girl Power!
These beautiful ladies helped with security during the dance recital. They are members of the Curtis High School ROTC. Thank you for your service ladies!
Backstage with some of our very talented little dancers - they were adorable!

This was taken after my performance in the lobby of PLU Eastvold Auditorium. The outfit I am wearing was for a cabaret jazz/lyrical number danced to the song "The Garden". I had such a great time with my pageant sisters promoting this year's YMCA Dance Recital "The Colors of Dance"!

Cody's First Soccer Game

My hubby, coach Jeff, rounding up the Cheetahs for the second half.
Go Cheetahs!
Cheetah Cody!

Cub Scout Fishing Derby

Fishing Fever is catchy! My family enjoying our annual Cub Scout Fishing Derby at American Lake. Cody waiting for a bite!
Kenny anxiously waiting for that first bite!

My Wolf Cub Korey - so proud of his catch!

Congratulations Cody!

Awww.....the reward of practicing persistence and patience!

Soccer Season Begins

Soccer Season has begun for our family! My husband Jeff is coaching both of my son's soccer team this year. It is so important to keep your children physically active - especially those with special needs. Taking leadership roles in you child's life is key in his or her development.

Cody stretching!

Kenny stretching!

Enjoying the Simple Things in Life!

As our family was out taking a bike ride and run to the park we stopped to visit with some new friends we have made this last month! It has been so much fun to watch these Canadian Geese babies grow - as you can see Mommy and Daddy are doing a great job looking after their babies as my son Kenny offers them a treat!
Cody taking his turn feeding the adorable babies! It is so refreshing to take time out to enjoy the simple things in life. Getting outside and enjoying what God has created in nature is so healthy in the development of your child.

Mrs. Washington America Dance Rehearsal Workshop

Last week I and my fellow contestants had a Dance Rehearsal Workshop in Bellevue. Our Directors, David and Pamela Curnel, were nice enough to drive across the mountains from Moses Lake to have another practice before we perform this Memorial Day Weekend at the annual Moses Lake Lip Sync Contest. We are performing a 70's routine (Go Go boots and all!) to "Last Dance"! Appropriately we are the last dance to perform in front of at least 4,000 people! So much fun!

Lakewood YMCA Dance Recital! Saturday, May 22nd at Pacific Lutheran University - Matinee Show 12 noon and Evening Show 6 pm.- Admission $10.00

Here I am pictured above in my Hip Hop gear with some of my dancing buddies waiting for our photo shoot. On Saturday, May 22nd the Lakewood YMCA Dance Program will be having their annual dance recital at Pacific Lutheran University in the Eastvold Auditorium. The matinee show will start at noon and the evening show will start at 6 p.m. Tickets are $10 and may be bought at the door. It is a great show for a great price!

This picture was taken in the Lakewood YMCA Dance Studio before our photo shoot as well. I am posing in my cabaret outfit that I will be wearing in a jazz/lyrical dance number for the recital.

The Lakewood YMCA Dance Program has over 600 dancers on their roster and will have approximately 300 performers in both the matinee and evening show. We have one of the largest YMCA Dance Programs in the nation and we have one of the only Performing Adult Dance Programs (which I have belonged to for four years now) on the west side of the United States. We perform not only at recitals but for non-profit events as well. It is a great way to keep fit!

Happy Birthday Cody!

Cody turned 9 years old this month! He helped make his Birthday cake and his brother Kenny decorated it with Hershey Kisses in the shape of Bumble Bee the Transformer!
Cody's favorite gift of all... a new Bumble Bee Transformer Backpack!

Celebrating his 9th Birthday at his school too. Enjoying Birthday hugs from his wonderful teachers!

As my son's room parent, I am overwhelmed by the joy Cody's classmates bring me every time I step into his classroom. Today I brought treats and prizes for everybody in celebration of Cody's Birthday. Looks like the boys are having a blast!

Cub Scout Bowling Night

Cody and I had a great time bowling with our Cub Scout Pack 53! We had 73 Cub Scouts and family members attend the event. Cub Scouts brings families together!