Mrs. Washington America 2009 Pageant

Mrs. Washington 2009 America Top 5 - 4th runner-up Mrs. Issaquah, Lisa Quast, 1st runner-up Mrs. Snohomish County, Jessica Riggs, Mrs. Washington America 2009 - Mrs. Snohomish, Elizabeth Larsen, 2nd runner-up Mrs. Pierce County, Carla Richards, and 4th runner-up Mrs. Thurston County, Dionne Tarter

Mrs. Washington America 2009 Top Eight
I also was honored to receive the 2009 Community Service Award and the 2009 Ambassador of Music Education Award for my efforts in collecting signatures and donations to help keep music and arts in our schools

Pageant Director Pamela Curnel - the lady who makes this all possible along with her devoted husband Dr. David Curnel. She is truly an amazing woman!
The Richards Family
(My hubby looks so handsome in his uniform :)!)

My very own cheer squad! This is a picture of a
few of my family members - I am so blessed.

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